Consultations: I work within a framework that puts wellness into the hands of the person receiving care. Through this approach, a session with me may include support for minor illness or chronic disease, personalized herbal formulas, an individualized nutrition and dietary program, and a comprehensive evaluation.

Due to its thorough nature, this is usually a 2 -3 hr intake process. You can fill out the intake forms beforehand for a more speedy initial meeting. (I will gladly email you the forms. Just ask!) Based on the specific needs of the client, there is usually 1-2 follow up appointments.

What You Receive: A detailed protocol outlining your health goals, suggestions for improvement, personally made herbal tinctures/teas/honeys where applicable, ideas for nutritional support, and supplemental advice if desired.


Initial Consultation: $60

Follow up Consultation: $30

Cancellation Fee: $25 for initial consultation and $12.50 for follow ups.

*All rates are sliding scale. Talk to me about trades, mutual aid and creative ways of payment. Everything is a suggested donation price.

Disclaimer: I do not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any substance as a form of treatment for any medical ailment, either directly or indirectly.


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