Here is my current line of products.

*I also make individualized custom formulas. Just ask!


Tinctures: $9.00 1 oz, $18.00 2 oz, $36.00 4oz

Salves/Muscle Rubs:  $7 per 1oz, $10 per 2oz, $15 per 4oz

Flower Essences: $7.00 1/2 oz, $11.00 1 oz

**Placing and OrderI am an old fashioned potion maker. Please email me at takecareherbals@gmail.com to place an order. Thanks!

Magic Muscle Rub: For the release of tension in achey, sore muscles.

In the Moment ( An Anxiety Potion): When you need a calm nervous system “in the moment”. Helpful for panic attacks or during times of extra stress.

Seeing the Family (Tonic Stress Potion): For the every day stresses of life. Builds our body’s and mind’s response to stress. Reminds you that you are the boss of your own life and not the other way around.

Lust, Love, Hormones, Holding Hands ( Aphrodisiac Potion): For the moments when you wanna feel a little more randy, present and excited to be in your body.

Ignite Immune Cider: Calls in the immunity troupes. Take tonically to stave off the colds going around.

Pain Potion: For achey muscles, joint pain and to ease the mind during bouts of discomfort. (Out of stock)

Heart of the Matter (Grief/Heartbreak Potion): Giving your heart hands to hold it. During times of grief, transition, heartbreak, and/or feeling the heavy weight of the world. (Out of stock)

Sleep Tuff/ Dream Big Potion: To help you fall asleep and dream big.

Allergies Potion: The dust, must, cat, and dog dander buster.

Headache potion: For headaches that you can feel coming on, heat helps but doesn’t stop from them from coming, and you need to stop the headache fast.

Nip it in the bud (Quitting Smoking blend): To assist you in the process of cutting down or quitting.

I always make my tinctures with ethically wildcrafted plants, grown by my friends and neighbors or from a reputable source.

Every potion I make is infused with the magic of healing intention.

If you would like to make your own formulas or buy specific tinctures from me, I would love to help! Please contact me to see which herbs I currently have available.

Sliding scale and trade are always offered. Everything is a suggested donation price.

These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


2 thoughts on “Apothecary

  1. Hi!
    My boyfriend is allergic to my cat, and I love her dearly. I was reading about how homeopaths can make a potion on the stove for said cat allergy using the cats hair. After taking the potion the person is not allergic to that specific cat anymore. I was wondering if you knew anything about this? Or know how to make it ? I would love to make it myself but if that’s not an option for you then that is fine. Thanks for all your help in advance !

    • Hi Lauren. I haven’t heard about this! I haven’t studied homeopathy (My background is in vitalist herbalism). As a fellow cat lover and a person with allergies I understand your conundrum! I have an allergy tincture for folks who have a histamine response to cats (and other allergies), but it doesn’t get rid of the cat allergy itself. If you want to try that tincture you can email me at takecareherbals@gmail.com. Hope that helps!

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